Welcome to Animal Welfare Award (AWA)!

Companies that contributed to the expansion of animal welfare

Animal Welfare Award (AWA) is an award annually* selecting and giving thanks to companies that consider animals and work on animal welfare in Japan which is lagging behind the world in terms of animal welfare for livestock and aquaculture animals.

In the view of Animal Rights Center Japan that works to protect livestock animals in Japan, efforts resulting in the biggest impacts have been recognized.

* The first round covers efforts from 2019 through March 2020.



In 2020, AEON began selling private brand cage-free eggs.  Also, it has promised to the media, and therefore the consumers, that it will increase the locations offering them in 2020, and will expand the offer to the whole country by 2022.

We have recognized AEON’s stance that announced its will to work on animal welfare and has made a promised to the consumers with deadlines.

LUSH Japan

In 2019, LUSH Japan has eliminated cage-free eggs from all its products, and has chosen to make them egg-free products.

LUSH Japan had already chosen cage-free eggs, but instead of stopping there, has chosen to go egg-free to further reduce suffering of animals, which we have recognized.

Sadamitsu Shokuryo Kogyo

Sadamitsu Shokuryo Kogyo is to our knowledge Japan’s first and the only poultry processing facility that uses gas stunning of the chickens.  Currently as the slaughter method of chickens, gas stunning is one of the best options and the world is shifting toward it.

We have recognized its early adoption of gas stunning and its willingness to have shared that knowledge with Animal Rights Center Japan.



In 2020, HORIZON FARMS has, for the first time in Japan, promised to the consumers that they will not confine mother pigs to stalls.  They have made the decision to announce the declaration after months of seriously considering the complicated nature of a meat company making stall-free declaration though an animal protection organization.

We have recognized them making the first stall-free declaration in consideration of the animals and the future of the society.


In 2019, IKEA has offered many affordable products using plant-based protein.  The plant-base hot dog “Veggie Dog (¥100)”, also offered at COP24, is a product that definitely reduces the suffering of pigs, and also had a price tag affordable to many people.

We have recognized IKEA’s stance of working on improving rearing conditions and beginning to shift toward plant-based protein.

We appreciate the efforts of many other companies

Many companies not listed here, have begun to take positive steps towards improving animal welfare.

There were also many companies that responded to discussions with citizen groups about animal welfare.

We would like to sincerely thank all the companies and organizations that have taken actions to benefit animals with the desire to improve society together.

Thank you very much.

We look forward to more compassionate efforts this year.  We also hope there will be companies to which we can give awards for cows and fish from next year.

Finally, we would like to thank the winners again.

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