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Chickens are suffering in caged rearing.  Hardly able to move, their leg and wing bones break, all their instincts are denied, and their eggs get stolen.  More than 1700 companies in the world have declared going cage-free, but Japanese companies are not stopping the use of the cruel eggs.

This is a petition that asks companies and industry groups to switch to rearing methods without cages.

73% of Japan’s dairy farms are rearing dairy cows by tethering them so that they can hardly move.  They keep getting milked while always being tied up and unable to exercise.  The cows’ legs and feet weaken, and they develop illness like mastitis.

This is a petition that asks businesses and industry groups to stop tethering and switch to free-range as much as possible.

In 2017, 1.54 million animals were sacrificed for Japanese fur consumption.  Let’s eliminate this cruel material called fur from Japan.  Gucci, Prada, Uniqlo and Shimamura have all abolished the use of fur.

This is a petition to ask the apparel maker to abolish fur.

Fujisaki Hachiman Shrine Festival is held every September, horses with full of strange decorations mounted are pulled around in violent manners under the scorching sun.  They get whipped to make them kick back, and their bridle bits get rubbed around in their mouths to make them go round and round.

Please stop this cruel festival event.

Every second 24 farm animals are slaughtered in Japan.  Please give them at least clean water on their last day.  Please do not torture the animals on their last day.  The country should instruct the local government and traders involved in animal husbandry to comply with international standards as a minimum.

Please abolish the cruel acts in slaughterhouses.

88% of Japan’s pig farms breed and keep their mother pigs (sows who are forced to get pregnant and give births like machines to produce pigs for meat) in captive stalls = pregnancy stalls that restrain all movements.  Despite it being abolished globally, it’s increasing in Japan.

This is a petition that asks companies and industry groups to give pigs freedom to move at least and switch to flock rearing (free stalls).

Do you know that the animal welfare level of animal products provided at the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic venues and athletes’ villages is significantly lower than in the London Olympics and Rio Olympics?  Free-range eggs at London, and at least cage-free eggs at Rio Olympics were required, but at Tokyo Olympics anything goes including battery cages.

We demand reasonable animal welfare at Tokyo Olympics.

Owl cafes that spread across Japan alone, owls continue to be confined 24 hours a day.  This weird industry where these scared detained animals are arranged to be touched in small stores can only be found in Japan. It’s because detaining and touching wild animals is itself abusive act.

We will submit the petition to each store and related organizations to put an end to this strange industry, the owl cafes and animal cafes.

They put two male roosters (shamo) in a small enclosure where they cannot escape, make them fight, enjoy it, and bet money; the chickens bleed from their bodies, and even bones get exposed, and then the winner and loser are determined.  Although this is an illegal act, it continues secretly in Okinawa.

Okinawa Prefecture needs to clarify its intention to prohibit this.  We demand a ban.