Aiming for a compassionate society

Compassion for all animals.

We strive to eliminate the pain and suffering of animals, violence and discrimination against the weak, and environmental problems caused by factory farming and animal exploitation.

We expose the actual situations of animals, strive to improve them, and propose animal-friendly lifestyles.  An ethical society, an animal-friendly society, a society with less animal sacrifices is a human-friendly society.

We are aiming for a society where animals can behave like those animals.

Investigations become the basis of all activities.

We investigate what conditions animals are under, what suffering they are facing, and propose solutions.


We analyze how people think about animals and utilize this information for our next actions.

In addition, we investigate the responses of governments and businesses, policies, subsidy allocations, etc., and survey how consumers are currently behaving.

The results of our numerous investigations to learn the conditions of animals are posted on Youtube and Flickr.

Changing individuals is of course important, but to reduce the suffering, pain, and sacrifice of animals more effectively, corporate approaches are indispensable.

Like transitions to cage free, stall free, and fur free, etc.

We’d like businesses to take positions that realize a sustainable society and societies full of compassion.

With the strong ally that is the voices of the consumers on our back, we negotiate with businesses.

Thereby we’re demanding transitions to animal-welfare friendly policies and to plant-based protein.

The issues of animals are hidden.

On the streets, at talks, at study sessions, with panel displays, and via media…

to the general public, members of the parliament, people within the industry, and to consumers,

we inform as many people as possible who have not yet been made aware of the issues of the animals.

Numerous volunteers are active.  To save animals from the darkness, please get active with us.

We keep communicating to people what we’ve investigated, what we’ve learned, and what solutions we’ve come up with.

Operating multiple websites and basing on investigations, we provide as much information as possible.

We create texts and materials and distribute them for free so that everyone can access the information.

We also hold study sessions to train people who will be responsible for the next activity so that we can save animals more effectively.

We are also building an action network to make progress the issues of animal rights and animal welfare.

We also believe that it’s important to participate in international campaigns and networks and gain support.

We participate in the UN to protect animals and collaborate with several national and international organizations in partnership.

We explain the situations to parliamentarians and local councilors and maximize effects by collaborating with other NGOs, not just animal protection groups.

The issues of animals have much in common with other issues.  However, animals cannot speak out on their own.
Speaking up on their behalf, we cooperate with each other to create an ethical society.

nameAnimal Rights Center Japan (NPO)
addressNew Shibuya Cooporas #1009
12-3 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku,
Tokyo 150-0042
EstablishedOct. 1987
Approved Specified Nonprofit Corporation from 18th Aug 2017
RepresentativeChihiro Okada
ContactTEL +81-3-3770-0720
FAX +81-3-4540-4049
Directors5 Directors, 1 Auditor, 1 Advisor
Staff4 full-time, 3 part-time
ActivitiesAdvocacy, Corporate outreach & negotiation, Street activism, Demonstration marches, Lectures & lecturer dispatch, Education, Campaigns, Farm investigations, Awareness surveys, Information dissemination

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Animal Rights Center Japan is an Approved Specified Nonprofit Corporation since 2017 August 18.
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