Striving for the animals

ARCJ currently has 5 staff members, plus 6 board directors, 1 advisor, and 1 auditor.
Also, members nationwide, and volunteers everywhere, are all driving ARCJ.

Representative Director: Chihiro Okada

If we can compromise just a little bit for non-human animals, our society will change drastically. It should not be so difficult to realize a society that does not exploit any animals if we try.

Cruelty towards animals is actually wearing us down as humans as well. The situations faced by other animals today could be replaced by humans at any time. When we consider how we treat other animals, we are actually considering how we treat ourselves as humans.

Let’s once reconsider our livelihood as humans from the animals’ points of view. Then we will see the world differently. Please think about this issue as your own and begin moving forward with us toward a solution. Please have the courage to take one step forward for the sake of the animals, the environment, and after all, for us humans.

Director: Mihoko Koike

I want to eat delicious vegan food! I want people to discover those vegan meals that are filling and nutritious without the use of any meat, fish, eggs, or dairy!

Although I loved animals since childhood, I was eating animals without any questions. In 2005, I happened to see a video of animal slaughter on the internet and was utterly shocked and decided to be vegan.

I am developing vegan versions of favorite recipes among everyone from children to elders, such as an omelette rice without eggs, gratin without dairy, Hayashi gravy rice without beef, etc. My motto is being able to to cook inexpensively, easily, and quickly with ingredients you can buy at local supermarkets.

Director: Pyura




Director: Shinichi Ikeda


Director: Tatekawa Hirarin

When we turn on the TV, so many programs rely on sacrifice of animals.
I want to correct this society that makes it difficult to realize that the modern eating habits and entertainment are wrong.
By making use of my profession as a rakugo comedian, I will perform my shows from the perspective of animal rights. Especially I would like to emphasize educating the young generation like the middle/high school students.


Director: Yuka Watanabe

I became a veterinarian because as a kid I felt helpless when my cat friends who came to the garden died one after another from illness.
However, I often wondered: Isn’t the treatment actually afflicting the animals in the clinical setting? Isn’t it targeted by the economic system?  With the motto of taking care at home without doing extraneous things, I arrived at natural remedies.  Also, when I was living by putting emotional lids on feeling bad about lethal experiments, slaughterhouse visits, and inhuman treatment of laboratory animals and livestock animals that I experienced while in school, I learned about animal rights activities.  My eyes opened realizing I can’t be putting lids on this, I reviewed my eating habits and lifestyle, and participate in activism as a small contribution.


Advisor: Tateshi Fujiyoshi

Declaring plant-based for 10 years
It’s been 10 years since I started being vegan after receiving encouragement from Ms. Shinomiya of now a non-profit organization Sakuraneuneu (TNR specialist project), who was working as an interpreter and secretary at our clinic.  I realize that I have been able to encounter many new worlds and have a broader view of the world.
In addition, thanks to a new realization from the coronavirus wreck, I declared that I would stop fighting the opposition in order to realize a world where we could live in harmony with animals sooner.  I would like to help animal rights by increasing the number of friends rather than fighting, valuing friends rather than fighting, supporting friends rather than fighting, and incorporating them into fellowship rather than fighting.


Staff:  Yuki Takahashi

Researcher, volunteer coordinator
Born in the USA, raised in Shizuoka, I went to the US for high school aiming to be an astronaut.  Majored in physics at California Institute of Technology, then moved on to a PhD program in astrophysics at UC Berkeley.  The most important thing I gained there was not a PhD but a single leaflet that told me the reality of farmed animals.  I stopped buying meat, eggs, and dairy, but my dream for space flight remained big, so I went on to work on space exploration at SpaceX, etc.  After working in places like Antarctica, Greenland, and Midway Atoll, the pressing feeling grew that the animal exploitation issue is more serious than anything else; I interned at animal protection organizations like The Humane League, Vegan Outreach, Farm Sanctuary, and the Good Food Institute.  Encountering ARCJ, I finally returned to Japan in 2019.  Currently living in Fukuoka.


Staff: Sayuri Kitaho

Corporate negotiations specialist
After working for a publishing company and as a commercial writer, I went on to the path of social movement.  Encountering environmental damage from asbestos, while negotiating compensation with the perpetrator to help the patient, I recorded the incident by making a documentary film.  During a trip, on the deck of the ferry I boarded, I heard the screams of beef cattle restrained by ropes so short they could not even sit.  The black cattle on the small truck bed were bubbling white with sweat.  From that day, I became aware of the issues of treatment of livestock animals.  Next thing I realized, I had already become an ARC staff member.  For a “society that does not leave livestock animals behind”, I will do everything I can for the most oppressed beings, the farmed animals.  A vegan glutton who loves cooking.  Graduated from Waseda University and completed the master’s program at Nihon University Graduate School.


Staff: Yuriko Ogawa

Corporation negotiations, event coordinator
The most important thing for me is that all animals can spend their lives naturally in their natural ecology!  When I was 10 years old, while commuting to school, I received a leaflet with my favorite baby seal on the cover from an environmental protection group, which made me realize the seriousness of environmental problems and I became sensitive to the amount of garbage I generate and water I use.  When I was 13 years old, I read a book on how to slaughter dogs and cats at a junior high school library and cried so much.  When I started working and went on a trip to Vietnam, I happened to enter a vegan restaurant and learned about veganism and that human food can be without sacrificing animals; then I became an activist.
In my activism, I staying conscious of the fact that we don’t know what will change each of us.  I hate pain, suffering, horror, tightness, cold or hot, and hungriness.  As much as humans hate these, animals also hate suffering.  I want to create a gentle world where all non-human animals are respected as well.
Graduated from Kunitachi College of Music.

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