Striving together for the animals

Currently we have 6 board directors and 1 auditor at Animal Rights Center.
ARC is run by 7 staffs, nationwide members and all the other numerous volunteers striving together for the animals.

Director Mihoko Koike

I want to eat delicious vegan food! I want people to discover those vegan meals that are filling and nutritious without the use of any meat, fish, eggs, or dairy!

Although I loved animals since childhood, I was eating animals without any questions.  In 2005, I happened to see a video of animal slaughter on the internet and was utterly shocked and decided to be vegan.

I am developing vegan versions of favorite recipes among everyone from children to elders, such as an omelette rice without eggs, gratin without dairy, Hayashi gravy rice without beef, etc.  My motto is being able to to cook inexpensively, easily, and quickly with ingredients you can buy at local supermarkets.

Representative Director Chihiro Okada

If we can compromise just a little bit for non-human animals, our society will change drastically.  It should not be so difficult to realize a society that does not exploit any animals if we try.

Cruelty towards animals is actually wearing us down as humans as well.  The situations faced by other animals today could be replaced by humans at any time.  When we consider how we treat other animals, we are actually considering how we treat ourselves as humans.

Let’s once reconsider our livelihood as humans from the animals’ points of view.   Then we will see the world differently.  Please think about this issue as your own and begin moving forward with us toward a solution.  Please have the courage to take one step forward for the sake of the animals, the environment, and after all, for us humans.

Director Tatekawa Hirarin

When we turn on the TV, so many programs rely on sacrifice of animals.  I want to correct this society that makes it difficult to realize that the modern eating habits and entertainment are wrong.  By making use of my profession as a rakugo comedian, I will perform my shows from the perspective of animal rights.  Especially I would like to emphasize educating the young generation like the middle/high school students.

Director Shinichi Ikeda

Director Pyura

Director Yuka Watanabe


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