Request for information: We need your courage.

Many people don’t know where and in what situations the animals are currently.

On Earth there are as many as 70 billion farm animals alone, and even if the animal protection groups around the world work together, we cannot know everything.

However, if we don’t know the actual situation, improvements will not be proposed.  In other words, only when we learn the actual situation, improvements will be made.

If you do work related to animals, please report the existing situations and inform us.
Even in daily routine operations or events, there are many improvements to be made.

Public interest reporting requires courage, but it is definitely an act leading society toward a better direction.
Overseas, people providing such information are called “whistle blowers”.
For bettering the society, it is a necessary mechanism.

We would like information about:
・the inside of animal farming facilities (any information is welcome; they are full of things we are unaware of)
・the appearance of animal experiments, rearing conditions of animal testing facilities
・the state of animal transportation
・the aspects of zoos, aquariums, and circuses invisible to the audience
・others hidden behind industries using animals.

Also, when offering information, please provide:
・Reports from which we can accurately grasp situations including time series of events.

※ Anonymous submissions are acceptable, but if improvements are to be promoted, the more specific information will be required.

※ This pages requests information from the inside.  If it differs from the intended purpose, please note that we may not be able to reply.

※ Personal information sent to Animal Rights Center will be protected as confidential.  Also, we will pay utmost attention to the protection of privacy, positions, etc.  (The information provider’s preference will be prioritized.)

Dear those who work in fields related to animals including livestock, animal testing, animal display or transportation, Please provide inside information.  There are many things known only to the workers, and many routine things that could be improved. We strictly maintain confidentiality. Please contact us.