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Leaflets/posters can be downloaded as PDF, or you can order printed ones.
Everything is created and printed using donations, so please help by covering the shipping cost.

Animal Rights「すべての動物に思いやりを」(Compassion for All Animals)


日本の卵大丈夫?日本の豚を助けて! (Are Eggs in Japan Ok?  Help the Pigs in Japan!)


Meat Free Monday


NO毛皮「毛皮を買わないという選択を」(No Fur “Choose to not buy fur”)


NOフォアグラ「フォアグラは動物虐待の証拠」 (No Foie Gras “Foie Gras is the Proof of Animal Abuse”)


NOミルク「もー信じられない!牛乳のうそ&ほんと」 (No Milk “Moo, Can’t Believe it!  Lies & Truths about Milk)


Posters (outdoors ok) A2 (42 cm × 59.4 cm)


Thank you for ordering leaflets/posters.

All the leaflets are created using donations, so we would appreciate your cooperation in covering the shipping costs. Please note that the recipient will be charged at the time of delivery.  Thank you for your understanding. ※ Estimated cost for pay upon delivery For a total of up to 100, the postal fee will be about 400 yen.  Over 100, or if posters are included, we will ship with Sagawa Express. Please find the price estimates at: http://www2.sagawa-exp.co.jp/send/fare/input/
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If you'd like more than 200, please tell us the requested number and your planned distribution method and locations. ※ We are printing using donated funds; we may not have enough available. ※ As a rule, we are accepting no more than 300 for each order.
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If you'd like the shrimp posters, please specify the number. (You can also download PDF from the left.)

Tips on using leaflets

How about leafleting or panel display in your town?

Issues about animals are still not widely known in this world.
It’s important to first raise awareness among the people of the world about the reality behind animals used for food, clothing, and entertainment.
One way to share is outreach activities like leafleting and panel displays

Ask shops to hold flyers!

Let’s ask restaurants and shops to hold flyers.  This photo is from the natural food store “Mother’s”.  They agreed when asked.  There are actually many stores like natural food stores and vegetarian restaurants that will hold the flyers if we ask.

Leafleting, yah yah♪

You might think leafleting is difficult at first.  But if you say “Hello” and “Please” politely with smile, people are generally friendly.

If you want to practice, come to our actions in Shibuya!