Animal Rights Center Students

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Animal Rights Center Students was launched in November 2017 as the ARC student group.  Already over 60 people have joined, and they are all strong friends.  We’d like to continue increasing the membership and activate our activism!

The founder was a student at Waseda University.

The reason I thought of creating a student club was, through the ARC website I learned about animals being tortured by humans in unimaginable ways, and thought we must let more people know of this fact in anyway, and for that I wanted to do something I could do. Therefore, I made use of the advantage of being a student and thought to create a student group in order to expand the circle of young people working for animals.

We the student club work with the following 3 goals:

  • Let many students learn about the miserable present conditions that the animals are in
  • Making use of viewpoints unique to students, conduct activities to change the current situations for animals
  • Cultivate young people who can be active for animals.


To achieve our goals, we are organizing the following specific activities:

  • Meetings
  • Study sessions
  • Leafleting and demonstrations on campuses
  • Delivering students’ opinions to companies and ministries
  • Promoting Animal Rights Center events
  • Creating videos to spread animal rights and animal welfare
  • Vegan food parties
  • Film screenings

Facebook page

Also, the student club FB page can be viewed below.  Upcoming activities are posted, so please do have a look.  We appreciate any support via Likes and Shares!

Currently we are focusing on college students, graduate students, and vocational students, but middle and high school students are also very welcome.
We are actively recruiting members, so please contact us if you have any interest at all!  Those of you students who want to do something for the animals, let’s work together!

Join the Animal Rights Center Students!
We welcome you to the Animal Rights Center Students! We look forward to hearing from middle school, high school, college, graduate school, vocational school students. If you are an adult, please take an active part in the main Animal Rights Center!
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