Welcome to Animal Welfare Award (AWA)!

Companies that contributed to the expansion of animal welfare

Animal Welfare Award (AWA) is an award annually* selecting and giving thanks to companies that consider animals and work on animal welfare in Japan which is lagging behind the world in terms of animal welfare for livestock and aquaculture animals.

In the view of Animal Rights Center Japan that works to protect livestock animals in Japan, efforts resulting in the biggest impacts have been recognized.

* The 3rd round covers efforts from 2021 through March 2022.


Nikkoku Trust

In August 2021, Nikkoku Trust switched to cage-free the Cabinet Office cafeteria they operate. Recognizing the importance of animal welfare, they introduced cage-free to a government cafeteria that can maximize the impact of their efforts.  The Cabinet Office also agrees.

We appreciate their efforts to be conscious of the impact on solving social issues.


Yamanashi Prefecture

Yamanashi prefecture launched a certification scheme including chickens for meat for the first time in the country, and the highest level standard is on par with the international animal welfare needs.

As the development of animal welfare in Japan has been lagging, we praise the fact that the establishment of standards that are recognized by both citizens and the world has brought hope to the development of animal welfare in Japan.


Nippon Ham(NH Foods Ltd.)

Nippon Ham included animal welfare as one of their important issues, and announced that by 2030 they will shift to breeding that does not confine pigs in gestation crates.  They have also established animal welfare policies and guidelines for breeding, transportation, and slaughter, as well as quantitative targets for transition to plant-based protein.

 We recognized how progressive efforts can be possible as a company in Japan.



At TORIBA COFFEE, they have formulated 10 ethical declarations and worked on animal welfare for dairy cows.  You can choose between milk produced from free range cows and plant-based milk at the store, and plant-based milk is more affordable.

They showed the ideal way for a café to work on animal welfare, and we appreciated the fact that they took action quickly while making this effort public.

The situation surrounding animal welfare has changed significantly!

In 2021, the situation surrounding animal welfare changed drastically, and companies began to move toward substantial changes.  The issue of lack of specificity mentioned last year is gradually being cleared.

The number of companies that mention animal welfare is already so many that it is difficult to know it all.

Nevertheless, animal welfare in Japanese animal agriculture remains behind compared to the rest of the world.  That’s because the world is changing faster and moving to higher animal welfare farming. Efforts that would have been highly valued a few years ago are now becoming the norm, making it harder to get a reputation.  Japanese companies must accelerate the speed of their efforts.

Animal welfare is a business issue, a social sustainability issue, and above all, a life issue.  We hope that companies will work on this issue with higher priority and without being satisfied with their current efforts.

Finally, we would like to thank all the companies that have considered improving animal welfare and have taken action.

 Thank you very much.

 We will separately thank the award-winning companies later.

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