Bequest gift (※ For people living in Japan)

Creating a will and donating heritage is called bequest donation.
By making a bequest gift, we will take over the will to save the animals from suffering. We will do our best for the animals.
Also, because Animal Rights Center is an accredited NPO, inheritance tax will not be imposed on the asset that was passed on to ARC.

In addition, we will provide support such as introducing you to a consultation desk.

Steps for processing bequest

Please inform ARC of your wish to gift a bequest (03-3770-0720 or contact form below) and we will explain and support you.

Please choose the executor of the will.
As it is necessary to carry out specialized procedures such as the transfer and registration of heritage, it is recommended that the executor appoint a specialist (trust bank, judicial scrivener, lawyer, etc). We can also introduce you to experts who deal with animal activities.

Please create a will (*1). Draft a legally valid will after consulting with the “expert” designated to the will executor. It must be a fair certificate will.

From your family or familiar people, please choose the person who will inform the executor of your death. The will will be executed when notified by the informer that you have passed away.
If you don’t have a family members nearby, increasing number of people seem to be using post-mortem services.

The bequest will be donated to ARC by execution of the will.

Please inform us that you have designated ARC as the bequest recipient. We will send you a newsletter etc upon request. Please feel free to contact us with any other questions, concerns, or special needs.

*1 How to create a will?

To make a bequest gift, a legally flawless will, “the deeds of fair deeds (wills made by notaries at a notary office)” is appropriate.

Also, please consider the remains fraction. The remains are clearly written here. Regarding remains fraction, here is a clear explanation.
We recommend consulting an expert.
What should I write as the bequest recipient?

Please write “Specified non-profit organization Animal Rights Center Japan”.

How about non-cash donations?

Please feel free to contact us. Regarding donations of non-cash assets such as real estate, stocks, works of art, etc., the executor will basically carry out replacement disposal (conversion) and we are requesting donation after deducting taxes and expenses.
However, stocks and real estate that are effective for animal issues may be taken over for the movement.


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Please support the Animal Rights Center activities.

General Donation

For one-time donation with credit card or PayPal.

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Monthly Support

A donation program in which you can provide continuous support with fixed-amount donations on a monthly basis through automatic fund transfer.  Continuous donations allow us to make mid- and long-term improvements to the system in which animals are being exploited.
Payment will be processed automatically each month.

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Bank Transfer

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*If you live in Japan, we will send you a receipt for receiving a tax deduction on your donation.  Please send us your name and address.

Animal Rights Center Japan is an Approved Specified Nonprofit Corporation since 2017 August 18.
You can receive a tax deduction on your donation if you donate over 2,000 yen.  If you would like to receive a tax deduction on your donation, you have to file your tax return.