Fur Investigation

Fur Farm in China, 2019

In 2019, we had the opportunity to learn what condition a fur farm in China is in.  The rearing situations were clearly worse than in the West, and the conditions were obviously inferior.

Overcrowded and filthy

One can of course imagine that the space is not of the proper size, but even compared to the Western fur industry, the cage size is small, poor, and overcrowded.  The foxes and raccoons (sometimes labeled raccoon dogs) sleep overlapped, such that if one moves, another in the same cage must also move.

Breeding cages seemed to be relatively large and had nest boxes, but they would still be overcrowded when the young ones grow up.

Moreover, animal furs were floating around. It’s not a good environment for the animals, or for humans.

Monster foxes

Giant foxes that have been bred in northern Europe like in Finland and have become a problem were also seen in the fur farm in China. They were reported with the name “Monster Foxes”.  The fox, who usually weighs only 3-4 kg, is fattened to 20 kg.  It is known that the fat makes it difficult to open the eyes and they are prone to eye infections. In addition, it is difficult to support that weight on a wire mesh, and it also causes ailments that obese people hold.  In Europe, fur farms have been banned one after another, but their terrible technology and production bases have simply been moved to China.  Forcing the cruel production onto Asia shall not solve any problems.

Stereotypic behaviors

The typical abnormal behaviors that many animals exhibit in unusual environments without anything to do are stereotypic behaviors.  These fur farm foxes and raccoons also showed multiple stereotypic behaviors.  In the crowded state, if one animal behaves abnormally, another animal in the same cage will not be able to do anything about it and will continue to be confused by that behavior.

Lack of water

Not having food at all times may be unavoidable, but the lack of water in many cages was shocking.  There were some cages that seemed to have water supply hoses, but most of them didn’t even have trace of them.

And then death

After all the suffering, the animals die.  Whether this is better than being killed, no one would be able to tell.  The corpses left behind in the cage were still relatively new, and the corpses were abandoned outside the farm as well.

Much clothing in Japan comes from China.  At fur farms in China, animals are suffering.

Fur comes with not only a problem that afflicts animals, but also numerous problems including environmental and human rights issues.  However, the suffering of animals as shown in this video is already enough reason to go fur-free, isn’t it?  We already have materials that can replace fur.  Humans can enjoy fashion sufficiently without torturing animals.  Fur products are used in everything from coat trims, bags, shoe ornaments, pierced earrings, hair ornaments like scrunchies, scarfs, and animal toys.
The use in ladies’ clothing is gradually decreasing, and instead they are getting used in clothing for men and the elderly.  Women’s consciousness has changed, and men and the elderly whose consciousness has not changed are becoming the targets for the fur industry.

If you don’t buy fur products, if your company doesn’t design using fur products, sacrifice of the animals will decrease.

Armani, Gucci, Chanel, Prada, Uniqlo, and Shimamura have decided not to handle fur.  However, many Japanese companies do not make humane choices and have not promised not to use fur.

Please make Japan a fur-free country.
Animals need your support.


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