Left behind at a pig farm on the brink of closure,
We want to save the last 8 pigs from the fate of slaughter.
We want to give these pigs a chance to live!

We are rescuing 8 large farm pigs from the pig farm.
We need new land, a house, fencing, transportation, food, care and everything.

Please lend us your support.

This project started in March 2024, and we are currently working at a fast pace to prepare. Although we haven’t been able to share all the details yet, we are working as quickly as possible to free the pigs from their concrete pens. We will be releasing more information on this site and our social media. Please follow us!

SOS! Please donate for the pigs’ new lives!

We will provide updates and detailed cost breakdowns in the latest information below.

If you donate 2,000 yen or more annually after obtaining NPO certification on September 14, 2023, you will be eligible for a tax deduction.
※ If you donate 1,000 yen or more, we will send you a donation receipt that can be used for the deduction in late January of the following year. (Limited to residents of Japan) If you need it immediately due to corporate regulations, please contact us separately.

Background of the Project

At a pig farm nearing closure, there was a case of multi-animal hoarding and neglect involving dogs and cats. There, 9 pigs had been left behind without being shipped out. The concrete floor was caked and hardened with feces, and some pigs had skin worn to the bone with bedsores visible. Some pigs could not stand up, slipping in their own urine and feces. The severe condition of the dogs and cats was discovered by Doshanko-to-Neko, along with BeSail_Animal, the NPO SPA, Maki Kiriyama, and the Yamanashi Prefecture Animal Welfare Center, whose efforts ensured these dogs and cats were rehomed and saved from this hell. However, the pigs awaiting slaughter were left behind.

In late February 2024, we learned about these pigs during an event with the NPO SPA. There is a limit to what we can do for livestock animals, but we could not stop to see them once we knew about them.

By the time we were aware, one pig had already died, leaving 8 behind. After talking with the owner, we realized he didn’t want to slaughter them. There was a chance right before us to rescue these pigs from the loop of livestock slaughter. “We have to do something…” Such an opportunity hasn’t come along in these 20 years.

We secured just enough land for shelter and went back to negotiate, acquiring ownership on the spot. Now that this has happened, we must quickly prepare a new home for the pigs. We want to rescue the pigs as soon as possible and show them that the world can be beautiful!

Starting from nothing, we quickly purchased land and prepared enclosures, homes for the pigs, and transportation. We are preparing to welcome the pigs to the sanctuary by May 2024.

多頭飼育崩壊現場 2頭の檻で暮らす豚
多頭飼育崩壊現場 褥瘡
多頭飼育崩壊現場 この子の足には褥瘡
多頭飼育崩壊現場 掃除後の犬たち

Our Goal and Struggle

This time, rescuing 8 pigs weighing 250 kg each from a livestock farm is an unprecedented miracle, prompting us to ask for help for animal rescue for the first time in 22 years.

However, there are conflicts. Our purpose is to “effectively reduce animal suffering,” and we repeatedly questioned if this rescue aligns with our purpose. 

Currently, livestock animals hold the lowest status. They are always last to be considered, and it is said to be impossible for pigs to escape the cycle of slaughter. Despite pigs having the same sensitivities as us, they are not treated differently just because they are livestock animals. 

We want to show the world that they are worth living. This rescue should represent hope for livestock animals. We aim to leverage this rescue to create more effective campaigns. 

Let’s make this rescue, impacting a billion livestock animals behind these 8 pigs, a success!

In 2024, our activities will change. We earnestly ask for your understanding and support.

Please help save the pigs.
Support us through our campaign page.


We are proceeding with guidance on facilities and protection know-how from Honey’s Sanctuary, the only place in Japan that shelters livestock pigs. Despite being very busy, they have kindly and rigorously taught us various things. Check out Honey’s Sanctuary on Instagram to see the happy pigs. We are truly grateful.

We are also thankful to Doshanko-to- Neko, BeSail_Animal, NPO SPA, and Maki Kiriyama for relentlessly rescuing dogs and cats and including us in the rescue team for the pigs.

Our gratitude extends to the volunteers from the Animal Rights Center who have provided their expertise in architecture, waterproofing, and knowledge pro bono. We couldn’t do it without everyone. The efforts of everyone will be shared on ARCJ’s social media.