Honey and the penguins, the beginning of new distress

At “Inubosaki Marine Park” in Chiba prefecture Choshi city which closed due to deterioration and business collapse in January 2018, a bottlenose dolphin “Honey”, humboldt penguins, and fish were left behind, and voices of concerns over their future were incessant.  Despite strong interest from overseas, the Marine Park has refused contacts with us or the media and has withheld information. Management resumes with a new owner!?  Honey and the penguins may get sold to China!? According to an article on the 2019/7/5 issue of the weekly magazine “FRIDAY”, the chief director has been replaced by a Chinese woman; moreover, details were posted that are astonishing, or rather they matched our worst expectations.…

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Olympians from US, Canada and New Zealand advocate for sourcing of 100% cage-free eggs and 100% stall-free porks. .