Japan’s Prime Minister Kishida Emphasizes the Importance of Advancing Animal Welfare

On December 11, 2023, lawmaker Seiichi Kushida asked Prime Minister Fumio Kishida about animal welfare at a plenary session of the House of Councilors, the upper chamber of Japan’s parlimament. Mr. Kushida explained how animal welfare efforts will impact investment and the country’s economy. “In the policy speech of the agriculture minister, there was absolutely no mentioning of animal welfare. Is it that animals don’t matter as long as people are happy? Animals are not objects. What is your perception of Japan being rated as the world’s coldest country to animals?,” he confronted the prime minister. In response to this question, Prime Minister Kishida emphasized the need to promote animal…

Aninmal Welfare Award 2023

Companies that have contributed to the spread of animal welfare The Animal Welfare Award (AWA) is an annual* award to express our gratitude to companies that have made animal welfare efforts with animals in mind in Japan, a country that lags behind the rest of the world in animal welfare for livestock and aquatic animals. We evaluated initiatives that we believe had the greatest possible impact from the perspective of the Animal Rights Center Japan, which is involved in activities to protect farm animals in Japan. *April 2022 – March 2023

Cruelty in Animal Farms – Why corporate transparency is so necessary

In pig farms, animals die in breeding facilities more than any other places. They die not just because of miscarriage, but they also get slaughtered by hand by humans. Piglets are killed every day because they are unable to stand up, too weak, or too slow to develop.   In this farm, piglets get smashed against the edge of the gestation crates, which results in slow and painful death.  It’s also a common practice to kill them by injecting disinfectant, Pacoma, which causes blood coagulation in their heart. This method is not permitted per international standards as it’s not an approved usage of the infectant. Some also kill piglets by using…

日本ハム ストールフリー!
Good news! NH Foods Group announces gestation-crate free!

On 2021/11/11, we are able to deliver great news for pigs. NH Foods Group made an announcement as follows. Promote initiatives that take animal welfare into consideration Elimination of gestation crates on all NH farms (pigs)To be eliminated from all domestic NH farms by the end of 2030* Installation of drinking water facilities in lairage pens at all NH meat processing plants (pigs and cattle)To be installed at all domestic bases by the end of 2023* Installation of cameras on all NH farms and meat processing plants to ensure environmental qualityTo be installed at all domestic bases by the end of 2023* * For companies in which the NH Foods…

Which will you choose? Cage-free? or Egg-smart?

Cage-free, Eggsmart, we want your company to make a change, and we are conducting a campaign. Please check the campaign site below.

Honey and the penguins, the beginning of new distress

At “Inubosaki Marine Park” in Chiba prefecture Choshi city which closed due to deterioration and business collapse in January 2018, a bottlenose dolphin “Honey”, humboldt penguins, and fish were left behind, and voices of concerns over their future were incessant.  Despite strong interest from overseas, the Marine Park has refused contacts with us or the media and has withheld information. Management resumes with a new owner!?  Honey and the penguins may get sold to China!? According to an article on the 2019/7/5 issue of the weekly magazine “FRIDAY”, the chief director has been replaced by a Chinese woman; moreover, details were posted that are astonishing, or rather they matched our worst expectations.…