Adorable Chickens: Video/Photo Contest #CageFreeJapan
We must not look down on chickens. Chickens are actually very cute, very smart, and very affectionate. Some of you may have chickens living at your place, or at relatives' or friends' places. We are now soliciting videos and photos showing the charm of chickens as a contest! Chicken's beauty, cuteness, smartness, friendliness, kindness, silliness, parent-child relationship, interactions with other animals including humans, etc... Anything is fine! You can also add an episode about the chicken(s) to the photo, too. At more than 90% of egg farms in Japan, chickens are reared in cages with others with a space of about 20cm x 20cm per bird.  These rearing facilities are…
[Rethink Milk] Campaign Launched

On June 13, 2019, the certified nonprofit organization Animal Rights Center Japan (Tokyo) launched the [] campaign, aiming to solve the issue of dairy cows getting their milk taken while being constricted by short chains or ropes for extended periods, unallowed to even walk. In this campaign, we will shed light to the existing situations of dairy cows in Japan, and the suffering and impacts on dairy cows brought about by tethering, and also raise public awareness by publishing questionnaire results from dairy manufacturers, and promote conversion to non-tethering rearing methods (free-range, free barn, free stall). Supermarkets are stocked with milk from animals suffering from tethering, and are not yet…

Legacy For Animals.Our goal is an Ethical Olympics with No Animal Suffering

Olympians from US, Canada and New Zealand advocate for sourcing of 100% cage-free eggs and 100% stall-free porks. .

10 Olympians demand cage-free and stall-free for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

10 Olympians started the campaign to demand animal welfare at 2020 Tokyo Olympics. They said “If you do not update the policies and food quality acceptable in our city’s Olympic Games, your city could be viewed as behind the global trend toward improved welfare standards for animals in factory farms. This is extremely problematic.”

Save mother pigs! Japanese celebrities also oppose sow stalls.

15 celebrities have commented against the restraint of pigs: sow stalls. Musician Masami Akita, Professor of Animal Behavior at the University of Colorado Mark Bekov , Faculty of History, Bukkyo University (Tibetan Buddhist Culture) Professor Toshinzo Onoda, Rissho University Associate Professor Muneyuki Nakamura , Princeton University Human Value Center Bioethics Professor Peter Singer, Professor Rakugo Tachikawa Hachibayashi Rakugo, Musician SunPlaza Nakano-kun, Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, The University of Tokyo Prof. Masaki Ichinose, Peer Counselor Human Rights Activist Yuho Azumi, Picture Book Writer / Painter / Poet Sakiaki You, Sculptor Kumi Kanatsu, Animal Journalist Eiki Sato Tenri University Faculty of Human Studies Professor Chihiro Asakawa, Japan Women’s University…